Wise people always end up alone



In life I feel lonely,

But what matters are the stars,

Which resonate in me as an essence of my being.

Sometimes I am where I do not belong

Belonging is something that comes with love,

Am I incapable of love,

Seems I wait for someone who cares for me,

I find solitude which runs in me

Why do I suddenly feel a void?

A space which cannot be filled

A space that expands

And makes everything duller.

Why is there fear,

Fear of being hurt,

Hurt is felt by the ego

That burns in us through ages

No end it finds,

Nowhere it stops;

Then why do I fear.

Why do I consistently want to find someone like me?

Who understands me,

Who am I looking for

I don’t know,

But I do believe that;

The one I look for is no one else but me

To find your own self from the depths of soul

To know who you are

Is a question often unasked?

Why is there anger when we are made of love

Why does our soul not get relinquished?

I want to know myself

And believe that I am alone

I am only my own best friend

But the truth lies in the fact,

That the wise people always end up alone.

-Akanksha Khanna

Science and Spirit

Duality of Science and Spirit

In a strange understanding with the unity of this cosmos, I come to realize it scientifically and spiritually. As I understand the scientific principal, the principals of the spirit become clearer. Through the spiritual process the entire cosmos comes in terms with my being.

Thus, I always come to terms with this fact that everything is interrelated. The stars, the neuron, the atoms and photons just everything that encompasses this infinite universe; it is just a matter of understanding that the nature itself lives in duality on the same plane.

How the positive engulfs into the negative, which makes the negative positive. At the same time if the negative goes into the positive the positives will nullify the negative and then it will be positive. This is truth and this is a above all.

What is feared by the human upmost is the unknown. This fear of the unknown paves a path of disbelief and hoax. To give superiority to one person is unjustified as everyone is made up of the same matter, the levels of energy differ. If those levels of energy with practice is made higher the being the being realizes it’s stability. “A human being always strives for stability. Everything in the Universe strives to be stable “. – Swami Parswarupanand

The emphasis on form, organic or non-organic. The only difference btw organic n non-organic is that of the absence of nervous system.Therefore the lack of brain reasoning n logic. At the same time, everything is made of matter, matter is constituted by protons neutron and electrons. Plants lack the nervous system, the they lack feeling at the same time they too are living being they too reproduce.

The point of convictions that I am trying to portray here is that even the non-organic is living. This is proved by the theory of evolution that claims us to be a refined form of a single celled organism, a single celled organism being the amoeba. Which is therefore, a cell . Thus, lack a nervous system’s lack feeling n memory.

This world around if is full of complexities which can be reformed by simple reasoning.To live a healthier life we need to understand ourself. Thus understanding the system that our body works upon.

-Akanksha Khanna

Olympia- Edouard Manet


Edouard Manet, Olympia,1865

The work Olympia was more ridiculed than the luncheon, the critics charged him with the

fact that this picture was indecently naked. It was an inspiration from the artwork the Venus

of the Urbino made by the master Titian. Again, here he relates and uses the rather

contemporary subject, to do justice to what he wanted to indicate. Manet`s Olympia was a

mockery or a parody. The model name was Victorine Meurent. (A prostitute and a painter)


The disturbance that it created in the critics mind was the portrayal of a successful prostitute,

who is devoid of clothes sits in a rather bold posture. Her gesture suggests the action where she

covers her sex whit her hand, in order to suggest, the suggested. She wears a mysterious sneer

which seems a though is about to change into a smile .There is a slave behind holing a

bouquet of flowers which has no significance to her, sent to her by one of her admirers. She

lays on the bed for no other purpose than sex. She allures the viewer in.


She is talked about in a fashion of being the portrayal of an independent individual, who has a

secure profession. She looks directly at the viewer and speaks out loudly in the face, as she

knows what they want from her. The society where Manet lived treated women as an object

of use nurture, comfort, inspire or arouse.


She looks at the viewer with contempt. The tradition that has been continued from

renaissance that to honour human, thus to consider human being in the work of art above

everything else, was not the focus of art then.


Her strength lies in her independence. She is not a goddess or a nymph, in a dreamy position,

mistaken, or a bather seen off guard. She is a prostitute, not weary for sleep, but is beaten

down under her nights work. Paris then was swamped with prostitutes. The painting did not

serve the purpose of charming the public, but was a naked truth, which uncovered what was

being practiced and hidden under the concealed eye of sophistication. The woman here is not

trying to pretend, she was reflecting the truth of a common working class girl.


She lounges back and is scantly accessorised; she wears heels on one foot while the other

carelessly falls of. She wears a ribbon in her neck symbolic of prostitution then, a huge

flower adorns her ear. She seems conscious and alert of the act; she was alluring the viewer

into. Manet shows the truth and not the lie that hid in the painting of masters, the

exaggeration of a perfect woman body..


The part that outraged the crowd was that he changed the terminology of a picnic, which was

otherwise carried off in a more clad manner. She stares placidly at the viewer, putting the

viewer in an uneasy role of a client.


She is tantalizingly self-sufficient. There’s nothing humble about her. To the wealthy

collectors of art and women, who regarded both as possessions, Olympia stripped them of

their illusions. Her body is ripe for the taking, but everything else, including the meaning

behind that enigmatic almost-smile, she’s keeping for herself.

Titian, Venus of Urbino,1538

Karl Marx views on Society and Art



In the beginning more focus was laid in trying to reach out people and propagate religion, art

was the best medium, and now with the change in the society with the incoming of various

new technology like television ,the motives and priorities  of art have changed too. According

to the theory of Marx until and unless the proletariat class will not identify their rights there

will be no gains and change in the society, he says “In a formation of the class with radical

chains , a sphere of society having a universal character because of its universal suffering …

a sphere, in short, that is the complete loss of humanity and can only redeem itself through

the total redemption of humanity. This dissolution of society as a particular class is the

proletariat”.  He further concludes by replacing the proletariat within a framework of a

transformed Hegelian philosophy “As philosophy finds its material weapons in the

proletariat, the preliterate finds its intellectual weapons in philosophy”.


Marx concentrated more on the fact that any art produced anywhere is a response to the social

conditions a reflection to the society. He comments how the elite art market the social

condition and the political environment effected the production of art. He propounded his

theory on the basic of two main elements namely the base structure includes the economy and

finance and the superstructure contains the entertainment, art, culture and customs. In all

societies art expresses the current social situations. According to him art cannot act

independently outside the circle of the society. He thus posed an opposition to the theory of

formalism which basically acted on the fact that art should be viewed keeping it apart from

the society. He believed that art should bring about a change, thus supporting the mankind.

The formalist did not keep in mind the mental situation of the artist. He acclaimed that art

also suffers the consequences of the capitalist market.


-Akanksha Khanna


As I commence my life,

I look upon pieces,

the pieces of people’s soul,

which lay smothered with false lies.

-Akanksha Khanna

Twin Soul

As the wind blows,

Drifting the curtains apart,

I  think of you,

And the depth of your Love,

Which is ever pure and swift

Which swells my heart with Light

And make me wanna touch the sky.

Love in the pink of Heavens

Sounds like the pride of the twin soul.

As the heart beats it pours

Love through my veins,

Wherein I glow with the beauty of you beside me.

-Akanksha Khanna

In Conversation with Swami Parswarupanand, The Chairman of Ram Krishna Seva Sadan Charitable Trust


link to their webpage-http://ramkrishnasewasadan.org/home.htm

Swami Parswarupanand believes that Humanity is the biggest religion, it is the final estimation, that concludes the existence of man in nature alone with all other creatures born of and by the Holy Mother Yogmaya. Therefore, he dislike those people who are inhuman, in other words who have developed brutality in their hearts or you can say they are loveless. Love is all that makes a man human and existing personality of nature.

What do you want to achieve?

My master Swami Bodhanand ji, had a vision in Deoband regarding health services. He wanted to establish a hospital and a cancer research institute, for this purpose. He acquired this land of 6 acres on which some anti-social elements caused litigations, which continued from 1972 to 2005.This was a strong hindrance in the path of the project. In the mean while 1988 Swami Bodhanand ji left for the celestial abode. The vision was transferred to me, now it was not only a vision but a Sankalp. However, we won the cases and project finally started in 2005 and now it is running.

  • Homeopathic hospital
  • General clinic of Shri ram Krishna Cancer Hospital
  • Shrimati Triveni Devi Dhanuka Centre for Chemotherapy
  • Diagnostic unit for Pathology and Radiology
  • Mantha Ram Child Care and General Hospital
  • Meditation unit
  • Shri Durga Mandir
  • Shri Shiv Mandir
  • Shri Laxmi Narayan temple
  • Shri ram Krishna Gaushala
  • Project Upwan for plants
  • Samadhi Shri Bodhanand ji Maharaj, Founder of the Trust

Dr. A.D Dey M.D

Dr. V.K Mohanty M.D in radiation oncology;

Dr. Siddhartha Hora MBBS, DMB, FIPM Germany;

Dr. Manita Gauri MBBD, DLO


Dr. Shiv Kumar M.D Pathology

Dr. A. K Gupta M.D Radiology

Dr. Krishna Kumar DMLT

Dr. Deepak Jain BAMS

Dr. Vineet Kumar Tyagi BAMS

Mr. Prabhat Kumar

Miss Rajni Sharma

Miss Aparna Rana

Mr. Sukpal

Mr. Ompal

Mr. Rati Ram

Mr. Lokesh Kumar

Are participating the project under the guidance of Bhagini Ashu the Vice President of the trust,Shri Arun Kanti Chakravarty Joint Secretary and all other members of the trust adding a hand to mine to progress up the project. Every year approximately 30000 new patients are treated suffering from different kind of diseases in our Institute.

What kind of challenges do you face in running this Institution?

There mainly 3 types of challenges-:

  • Financial– Financial Challenges are due to the place where our project is located. Every person before donation wants to verify, the status of the institution, the reason being as soon as Deoband is clicked on the internet the donor finds it a place of terrorism where terrorists are generated, however it is not TRUE. The other big institution in Deoband are basically Islamic institutions and throughout in the world Islam has been a symbol of Terrorism. A simple donor thinks why should he waste his money by donating in a place where such persons to being served who belong to terrorism. Thus, constant paucity of funds has blocked the incessant growth of the institution. We need a liberal thought that man everywhere is a man, and man is divine, no one can show mercy to him. The service of man is worship of god.
  • Social– Deoband is a place where 80 percent Muslims live and 20 percent all other castes. This ration has caused a social imbalance. A racial favor and propensity towards Muslim organizations. As a hospital we are to face the challenge of Islamic hospitals, this is racism and religious propensity.
  • Political– In up the government variation also effects the growth of the hospital some government favors Scheduled caste, some Muslims, some OBC, some businessmen, very rare are balanced. I cannot explain and criticize the government publically. But it is a great hindrance in the progress of our Institution.

How much funds do you need to grow this place?

For cancer hospital and research institute project the trust needs 200 crores, it is a big amount however not impossible to get collected if every member of this world donates only one rupee for this altruistic charitable cause.

-Akanksha Khanna


The further the distance,

The nearer i feel ;

The nearer I am,

The more distant I  feel.

-Akanksha Khanna

Jaishri Abhichandi and her treatment of art


        Jaishri Abhichandani, Durga Yantra

The work of Jaishri Abhichandani deals with the notion of female sexuality and gender identity along with issues in the world of politics and events which would be history in a couple of years. Her works are provocative and personal.


The foundation of youth,Jaishri Abhichandani

A sculpture named “The foundation of youth” after birth of her son in which whips are used in a manner that show ageing and they are contrasted by white pearls. Another installation called “The foundation of life” constricted out of aged and weather beaten women. Three women slouching as through tired and exhausted by pregnancy fatigue. She walks deep into the situation of being pregnant and talks about motherhood and complications related to it.

A series of works under the broad classification of duty jewels where she has used embroidery hoops which (mainly used by women) are oval in shape as a frame to stretch her canvas on. Further glossed with pais leg motifs, rich textile cloth, garlands and pink for.


     Babli and Manoj, Jaishri Abhichandani

She pointed out issues related to honour killings where Babli and Manoj were killed as they eloped, their portrait is decorated with paisley motifs and encircled with pink rosettes that suggest garlands at Indian weddings.


 Super Star,Jaishri Abhichandani

Another art work “super star” where five female icons holding hands forming a star shape, the sides are decorated with pink for to denote their dishonest ways of achieving their acts of manipulations and cleverness, which is polished up and hundred by them to act as symbols of feminism.

An opening to a blockage in the society’s mind about women.

-Akanksha Khanna



Works of Nalini Malini



                                                                         Sita/Medea -2, 163 X 103 cm, 2004

The works of Nalini Malini depict women hero’s like Medias and Sita who transformed into mutants when they reached their catharsis of their emotional instability. What probed one to murder her children and while, other to abandon them. These are intense moments.



                                                                                       Medea III, 2006,72 × 48 inches

The works of Nalini Malini are inspired from the realisation of the fact that at this pint she might be sipping coffee, but there are worlds which she cannot see and stories which are unheard.History inspires her and her works deal with women from pregnancy to being a mother. The issues related to being sexually violated. The thoughts related to growing up, myths, mutants and where women are targeted.

There is an explosion of color and character.She is dynamic and versatile,while she points out that a lot what we read transforms in our work. Fascinated by history as it informs the present, as well as the present that informs the future. History is an ongoing process.


Broken Alice –II

She painted a menstruating Alice and also showed the brutality and blast of violence, which occurred in a few decades, such events are an eye opener. They effect the life of people. For her masculinity and femininity are abstract terms, both are present in a human being and it depends on the situation which side operates. She uses a versatile medium Mylar, on which can be painted 3-4 layers of pigment which can be photocopied as well as looped it as an archival potent.

Thus she gives a new meaning and dimension to her thoughts in her works broken Alice –II, from where the intestines of Alice sprouts out, a worn down version of Alice, the colors are explosive and she tried to break the image of Alice to being distorted and distressed. She works on the suffering women have dealt with and are feeling and facing. Thus ,gives a new experience.

-Akanksha Khanna