Wise people always end up alone



In life I feel lonely,

But what matters are the stars,

Which resonate in me as an essence of my being.

Sometimes I am where I do not belong

Belonging is something that comes with love,

Am I incapable of love,

Seems I wait for someone who cares for me,

I find solitude which runs in me

Why do I suddenly feel a void?

A space which cannot be filled

A space that expands

And makes everything duller.

Why is there fear,

Fear of being hurt,

Hurt is felt by the ego

That burns in us through ages

No end it finds,

Nowhere it stops;

Then why do I fear.

Why do I consistently want to find someone like me?

Who understands me,

Who am I looking for

I don’t know,

But I do believe that;

The one I look for is no one else but me

To find your own self from the depths of soul

To know who you are

Is a question often unasked?

Why is there anger when we are made of love

Why does our soul not get relinquished?

I want to know myself

And believe that I am alone

I am only my own best friend

But the truth lies in the fact,

That the wise people always end up alone.

-Akanksha Khanna

Science and Spirit

Duality of Science and Spirit

In a strange understanding with the unity of this cosmos, I come to realize it scientifically and spiritually. As I understand the scientific principal, the principals of the spirit become clearer. Through the spiritual process the entire cosmos comes in terms with my being.

Thus, I always come to terms with this fact that everything is interrelated. The stars, the neuron, the atoms and photons just everything that encompasses this infinite universe; it is just a matter of understanding that the nature itself lives in duality on the same plane.

How the positive engulfs into the negative, which makes the negative positive. At the same time if the negative goes into the positive the positives will nullify the negative and then it will be positive. This is truth and this is a above all.

What is feared by the human upmost is the unknown. This fear of the unknown paves a path of disbelief and hoax. To give superiority to one person is unjustified as everyone is made up of the same matter, the levels of energy differ. If those levels of energy with practice is made higher the being the being realizes it’s stability. “A human being always strives for stability. Everything in the Universe strives to be stable “. – Swami Parswarupanand

The emphasis on form, organic or non-organic. The only difference btw organic n non-organic is that of the absence of nervous system.Therefore the lack of brain reasoning n logic. At the same time, everything is made of matter, matter is constituted by protons neutron and electrons. Plants lack the nervous system, the they lack feeling at the same time they too are living being they too reproduce.

The point of convictions that I am trying to portray here is that even the non-organic is living. This is proved by the theory of evolution that claims us to be a refined form of a single celled organism, a single celled organism being the amoeba. Which is therefore, a cell . Thus, lack a nervous system’s lack feeling n memory.

This world around if is full of complexities which can be reformed by simple reasoning.To live a healthier life we need to understand ourself. Thus understanding the system that our body works upon.

-Akanksha Khanna


As I commence my life,

I look upon pieces,

the pieces of people’s soul,

which lay smothered with false lies.

-Akanksha Khanna

Twin Soul

As the wind blows,

Drifting the curtains apart,

I  think of you,

And the depth of your Love,

Which is ever pure and swift

Which swells my heart with Light

And make me wanna touch the sky.

Love in the pink of Heavens

Sounds like the pride of the twin soul.

As the heart beats it pours

Love through my veins,

Wherein I glow with the beauty of you beside me.

-Akanksha Khanna


The further the distance,

The nearer i feel ;

The nearer I am,

The more distant I  feel.

-Akanksha Khanna

Lead and Leave


As I sway beside the inner swamp,

I see the unseen,

Hear the unheard,

A cloud burst upon me,

made me wet to the soul,

So cold I felt, like a mountain breeze,

felt the intent intently,

Discarded like an old cloth,

Away from all it’s austere,

Shielded by the banner of passion,

I thrust myself apart,

Felt into two,

One unable to leave and one unable to lead.

-Akanksha Khanna

Strange Land

The James's Flamingo (Phoenicopterus jamesi), also known as the Puna Flamingo, is a South American flamingo, named for Harry Berkeley James. It breeds on the high Andean plateaus of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. It is related to the Andean Flamingo, and the two are often placed in the genus Phoenicoparrus. It is a small and delicate flamingo, approximately 3 feet in height. Its plumage is pale pink, with bright carmine streaks around the neck and on the back. When perched a small amount of black can be seen in the wings. There is bright red skin around the eye. The legs are brick-red and the bill is bright yellow with a black tip. Immature birds are greyish. James's Flamingo is similar to other South American flamingoes, but the Chilean Flamingo is pinker, with a longer bill without yellow, and the Andean Flamingo is larger with more black in the wings and bill, and yellow legs.

Being touched upon the sky,
Thunder bursts the waves of sublime,
Leading paths into strange lands,
Of subverted norms and endless wants,
Desires that fills over loading cups,
Of eternity and thud,
Love and thirst,
Of which one springs into the depths,
Raging the endless wars of stagnant chores,
Stop! the world stops with us,
Here we go to the peace , Alas!!
As we sit and ponder,
When all around you are screaming;
About the things they have done
Sitting and chattering,
And shattering,
Banging and slanging,
Reeling, walking, sitting and sleeping
Down the alley as they go up the block,
Still chattering and battering as everything
Around me freezes,
And still I sit and slouch on the road of hope
Struggling in the ways of sloppy mane.

-Akanksha Khanna




Grey skies and black hearts,

scornful sighs and fretful laughs.

These are the sights of an enduring heart,

lost in the epoch ,

he’s of mirth and tar!!

he’s of mirth and tar!!!!

-Akanksha Khanna




As my heart speaks,
it speaks of the truth,
the sadness and love contained;
I don’t wanna go,
I don’t wanna show, fake glitter mirrors
the ways of mean,

Snakes so poisonous and so are we,
With tongues so long,
That could reach the knee,
Listening to the sounds,
Of everyday sight,
Sad n dull but it seems so bright;

I have no purpose but a deal to fulfil,
Passion that sparkles the sadness of the sight,

As we walk upon the edge
Sharpness fills the mighty dark.
Lust and passion seek a purpose to fulfil,
The sadness of the history engraved in the past
Seek a seeker to fulfil the destiny of the past
To make a name
Aboard the lasting milestone,
Stones are rich and hard to break
And so is the heart filled with sadness and bale.

-Akanksha khanna

Acts to Play


Acts to Play

This world that seems so brightly upright,

is actually upside down, breathing a ranging storm.

With its strings attached to the ground,

With fumbling players, acts to play.

The heart that seem so vividly alive,

is untamed, unclear and wild,

With rain drop falling like spears.

To the old soul which stops to listen,

The tales of the unsaid mysteries of the heaven,

As we render to the most unwanted sphere,

We blush like faded clangs of fear.

Fear is sad and holds us firm,

The fear of losing that, which was never there,

And here I die in despair.

Do not listen to the aches of the faking pride,

Which blisters our bodies with materialistic strides.

As their lies a whole in the depth of our soul,

Listen to the breeze that freely flows, that freely flows,

that freely flows!!

-Akanksha Khanna