Science and Spirit

Duality of Science and Spirit

In a strange understanding with the unity of this cosmos, I come to realize it scientifically and spiritually. As I understand the scientific principal, the principals of the spirit become clearer. Through the spiritual process the entire cosmos comes in terms with my being.

Thus, I always come to terms with this fact that everything is interrelated. The stars, the neuron, the atoms and photons just everything that encompasses this infinite universe; it is just a matter of understanding that the nature itself lives in duality on the same plane.

How the positive engulfs into the negative, which makes the negative positive. At the same time if the negative goes into the positive the positives will nullify the negative and then it will be positive. This is truth and this is a above all.

What is feared by the human upmost is the unknown. This fear of the unknown paves a path of disbelief and hoax. To give superiority to one person is unjustified as everyone is made up of the same matter, the levels of energy differ. If those levels of energy with practice is made higher the being the being realizes it’s stability. “A human being always strives for stability. Everything in the Universe strives to be stable “. – Swami Parswarupanand

The emphasis on form, organic or non-organic. The only difference btw organic n non-organic is that of the absence of nervous system.Therefore the lack of brain reasoning n logic. At the same time, everything is made of matter, matter is constituted by protons neutron and electrons. Plants lack the nervous system, the they lack feeling at the same time they too are living being they too reproduce.

The point of convictions that I am trying to portray here is that even the non-organic is living. This is proved by the theory of evolution that claims us to be a refined form of a single celled organism, a single celled organism being the amoeba. Which is therefore, a cell . Thus, lack a nervous system’s lack feeling n memory.

This world around if is full of complexities which can be reformed by simple reasoning.To live a healthier life we need to understand ourself. Thus understanding the system that our body works upon.

-Akanksha Khanna

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