Six Qualities of a Filmaker


                                                                                    Six Qualities a filmmaker:

A director is like a sailor’s compass, if the director is not correct your ship may land up on some Strange Island. That makes the role of a director very important because he guides and gives the team mates the   direction to reach the right destination.  He is the centre of the film process, he must inherit these qualities to be able to make the best film possible.


You need to be very focused and passionate towards your work. There are times when you feel disappointed or may be things seems not going the way you want them to go ,but in that case your conviction and the force inside you motivates you and keep you moving forward.


As cinema is growing its audience is also growing with it. Every time a filmmaker makes a film people demands to watch something new. It’s a responsibility on a filmmaker to give something new, unwatched or maybe the same thing but with a different approach. So, a filmmaker needs to be very creative in making a film more interesting and unique.

Communication or management:

A film has many sections or departments and as a director you need to handle every department deeply and manage your time so that you can focus on everything. A proper communication is required with your cre , so that they can properly understand your vision and hence act accordingly to help you achieve it. Always make your crew feel very comfortable working with you and should open to all kind of suggestions from them.


This is the biggest tool of a filmmaker to remain calm and patient. Sometimes you find chaos on sets. May be the time is running and actors are not ready yet for the shot, maybe you cast a non actor and finding difficulty working with him because he is talking infinite takes and is unable to  deliver a simple dialogue or may be some end moment production requirement which you have not thought of before. There can be many unwanted situations, which arise while shooting and if you take stress of everything you find yourself yelling at everyone everywhere on your set. To save yourself from this type of situation you should do your pre production very well and let your associate handles all the issues arises. Remain in your creative zone and just focus on to achieve your vision.


Being filmmaker clarity is also a very important part of your vision. Every person involved in the project wants clarity from their director. A director should be very clear what he wants in terms of Acting, Production design, Costume, Look of the film and everything else. The clearer you are the more you are able to achieve your vision.


Vision is what a filmmaker wants to achieve in the end of the film process. While writing or reading a script first time a director imagines the written content in his own way and sets a vision in terms of look, acting, music, cinematography and so on. That vision is the path on which the director takes his team as a leader to reach their destination. Clarity in the vision is very necessary as I mentioned above.





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  1. Yes you are right. I agree with you. The way you expressed your creativity is exceptional and excellent. I wish you all success in your aims. May Lord of Lord’s Sri Sri Baba ji fulfill your aims.

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