Pool Of Wants

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The eerie roots of past, with the present full struggles to fight for an explicit future, is a precise and generalized definition for our generation. The ‘future’ rather evidently is perceived with a dignified sense of hope. That fades memoirs of past artificially.

The issues of chaos, overcrowded, generalized and over populated society we are battering in. The battle therefore lies for inner peace, while the world goes topsyturvy. The rather grave situation (of peace) leaves us with a question which marks “Silence” as an end to all the problems.

The world is a never ending pool of wants. This life is a circle of perpetual desires; be it physical, mental, material or pleasure, the intellect lies in the preference. The abuse nature bears at the costs of the priorities of man own needs are the issues that need to be dealt with.

The illude fragrances of material, however charming they may seem is the cause of societies own degeneration. The need of man to be a social animal swirls the life with relationships and social organizations. That restraints the state of peace and solitary.

Akanksha Khanna