Like Most Art ; Satire, lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Satire, Like Most Art, Is In the Eye of the Beholder- Kathy Gill



                                                                                               William Hogarth

Satire is a very powerful means to comment upon the socio – economic conditions present in
 the Economy of one’s country . People have subverted their grudges against the society
 through the means of humour to thus bring on an enduring change for the benefit of a
 Country .Thus to comment on the fault, corruption, crime, morality in the socio-political
 scenario prevailing then. As under the cover of humour the sting of the satire gets buried
 but at the same time hits right into the face of the satirised. Satire has always been a
 product of suppression a vent through which a common man can speak of the vices and
virtues and not in a very humorous context.

perriwig                                       William Hogarth 

 Generally drawn out in performing art, written words and graphic (illustrations).A visual has
 a more powerful impact as compared to any other form of art ,as it speaks a million words
 through just one form. Parody in art has been a way to point on the vices of another work of
 art to ridicule it. Art practitioners have found irony a method to bring about a change or
 prevent a change from happening.
                                       William Hogarth 
 In a more contemporary aspect artists have a made statements about this in their works of 
How shallow people have become, the immensity of globalisation, cosmetic products, 
the caste system ,child labour, film stars, inequality ,bureaucrats ,corruption, dowry ,
business executives and migration.

-Akanksha Khanna