Wise people always end up alone



In life I feel lonely,

But what matters are the stars,

Which resonate in me as an essence of my being.

Sometimes I am where I do not belong

Belonging is something that comes with love,

Am I incapable of love,

Seems I wait for someone who cares for me,

I find solitude which runs in me

Why do I suddenly feel a void?

A space which cannot be filled

A space that expands

And makes everything duller.

Why is there fear,

Fear of being hurt,

Hurt is felt by the ego

That burns in us through ages

No end it finds,

Nowhere it stops;

Then why do I fear.

Why do I consistently want to find someone like me?

Who understands me,

Who am I looking for

I don’t know,

But I do believe that;

The one I look for is no one else but me

To find your own self from the depths of soul

To know who you are

Is a question often unasked?

Why is there anger when we are made of love

Why does our soul not get relinquished?

I want to know myself

And believe that I am alone

I am only my own best friend

But the truth lies in the fact,

That the wise people always end up alone.

-Akanksha Khanna

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